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Cook with Grazia: Italian authentic 20-minute recipes

Quick and easy Italian recipes

Grazia Solazzi’s quick and easy recipe instructions are a savory success for any family. You will be blown away as Grazia shows you with beautiful step-by-step photos how it takes only 20 minutes to cook authentic, simple, delicious Italian dishes.

You will be able to throw together a genuine, enticing dinner in the same amount of time you’d need to order takeout -even without hitting the supermarket!

Grazia unveils the mystery behind traditional flavors by walking users through the importance of quality ingredients. She will teach you how to carefully choose, use and store authentic Italian key ingredients and how easy it is to prepare real Italian recipes right at home, in minutes.

This app is full of tips for shortcuts, ingredient substitutions or recipe variations.

Menu suggestions and wine pairings will help you enjoy delectable meals every night with no sweat.

No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, this is your chance to master traditional Italian cuisine in an easy, practical and fun way.

App is optimized for Iphone, works on Ipad as well.

  • Authentic Italian, quick-and-easy recipes. Each dish include step-by-step instructions with beautiful photos
  • 50 + recipes ready to prepare and serve in 20 minutes.
  • 30 + additional recipes with 20 minutes maximum prep time, followed by some unattended cooking or resting.
  • Recipes are mostly drawn from Italian tradition, family and friends, and include descriptions with cultural background and significance.
  • Italian food journalist and home cook Grazia Solazzi will guide you through her cooking world, using ingredients, tools and measurements available in the USA to easily recreate truly authentic flavors.
  • All recipes tested and proven – success guaranteed!
  • App is optimized for Iphone, works on Ipad as well.
  • Easy recipe searching by ingredient and category, with a fun-to-use “finder wheel.”
  • Categories include gluten-free, vegetarian, potluck and buffet, romantic dinner, kids, as well as by dish type — main, sides, salads, etc.
  • Tips section with helpful tips, tricks, recipe variations, substitutions, menu and wine suggestions.
  • Personalize each recipe with your own notes and add them to your favorites list.
  • Easy-to-manage shopping list, to which you can add items unrelated to the recipe.
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  • In-depth information on key Italian ingredients, so you can learn to recognize, select, use and store authentic ingredients of the best quality and value.
  • Suggested tool list to keep on hand.
  • Suggested ingredients with a long shelf-life to keep on hand so you can cook Italian any night, in a heartbeat, without even hitting the supermarket.
  • This app will help you to find a recipe that works with what you have on hand.
  • Easily email Grazia for questions, comments, suggestions from within the app.
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