Artichokes are in season and are great tasting vegetables, or, I should say… flowers! In Italy, there are many different varieties that are usually not available in the US, such as the violetto, shown in the photo here. Most of the American artichokes belong to the green globe variety. They are pretty large, usually weighing about 1 pound […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What is extra-virgin olive oil? Very simply: mechanically squeezed olive juice. Choosing a great product should be, at least in theory, a no-brainer: as in any other fruit juice, we would go for the freshest juice, made with the perfectly ripened – in this case, mostly still green – great quality olives…. But many aspects […]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I have to confess: Sunday morning I chocked on my morning espresso while looking at my fresh copy of the New York Times. Are Italians a nation of impostors? This is what at least I got from reading the page from Nicholas Blechman and Tom Mueller. The information the New York Times provided really didn’t […]

balsamic viniger

Have you ever tried to choose balsamic vinegar and being overwhelmed by the variety of choices and lack of information? Well, it happened to me far too many times. I have been looking at reasonable priced products versus very expensive ones without knowing if the cost was worth it or not; fancy bottles and more […]

bowl of fresh chestnuts

Fall means chestnuts to me – and all the great memories that come with it. In Italy, as Christmas approaches, chestnuts can be bought on the street, grilled over hot coals, wrapped in paper to eat right away. Nothing is more enjoyable than a bunch of hot roasted chestnuts to cheer up your cold hands […]