Get them at the stove! Note: getting them ON the stove is not recommended

meatballs fried

This is probably the meatball recipe I prefer in terms of taste, but I don’t cook it very often because of the additional time, calories and mild hassle involved in deep-frying. It’s much easier to simply simmer meatballs in tomato sauce, and you know how I love easy recipes!   But, I made it again […]


When I was a child, this is the pastry my grandma from Apulia (Puglia in Italian) would make me every Easter. It’s traditional to that region but is prepared throughout the South of Italy. In times past, Scarcella was a treat that not only signaled the end of Lent in Apulia, but had deep significance, part […]

meatballs in tomato sauce

Meatballs in tomato sauce – or Polpette al sugo –  is a real classic of the Italian cuisine. This recipe is a life saver, since my kids love it so much. That is why I usually try to cook a larger batch and freeze part of it to have a meal ready for another night.

mom's cookies

These are the cookies I grew up with. It’s a family recipe, no one else makes them quite this way. It’s not complicated, not at all. It’s basically a shortbread recipe. Except that — well, being a family recipe, there is a secret ingredient. My mom taught me the recipe; she suspects my grandma (the […]

croquettes with turkey leftovers

My family is so keen on this recipe that I sometimes cook too much meat on purpose, just to have leftovers – and an excuse to make Crocchette. With the bounty of Thanksgiving leftovers just around the corner, this is a perfect, mouthwatering way to use those turkey scraps. But any leftover meat will definitely […]

Pasta with Sweet Peas and Ham

Pasta piselli e prosciutto – A kid’s favorite Play dates, sleepovers and such my friends? Need to get food into a group of hungry, rambunctious kids when you have no idea what they will and will not eat? Being a mom of 3, I have been there — multiple times! For this worst case-scenario situation […]