Pasta piselli e prosciutto – A kid’s favorite

Pasta with Sweet Peas and HamPlay dates, sleepovers and such my friends? Need to get food into a group of hungry, rambunctious kids when you have no idea what they will and will not eat? Being a mom of 3, I have been there — multiple times!

For this worst case-scenario situation I have my secret weapon: Pasta Piselli e Prosciutto, or Ham and Sweet Pea Pasta. I have never met a single kid who doesn’t like this dish. Promised.

This pasta is a traditional Italian recipe and a super simple and quick one to make, as it only takes 15 minutes form start to finish, with very easy to find ingredients. For best results, choose non-flavored ham (no smoke, honey or other additives), small sizes peas, and a good quality Parmigiano-Reggiano.

This recipe is part of my cooking app: Cook with Grazia, 20-minute traditional Italian recipes.

It’s now published here.

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