Today I was a guest at AM Northwest! I prepared Tiramisu: probably the most famous Italian dessert, perfect for your Valentine dinner. The recipe is part of my Iphone app Cook with Grazia: quick Italian recipes, a collection of 20-minutes traditional Italian recipes. In fact, this dish is super easy to make and only takes 20 minutes start to finish.

This dessert is really pretty recent compared to other traditional Italian dishes: it was likely born in the Sixties in a restaurant in Treviso, near Venice. The name (literally: pick me up) is related to an Italian popular tradition of feeding children and sick people a batter of raw egg yolks and sugar to make them stronger (a sort of rustic, country tonic).

The batter was sometimes mixed with coffee, another energizer. There are so many bad recipes for the Tiramisu, and so many variations, ranging from interesting to downright odd. Looking for the real stuff? Here it is: intense, luscious, and very decadent without being heavy.


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